The Painted Diaries is a year-long art project created and hosted by Riet Poch via newsletter. 
It's dedicated to creating a habit of making art for 365 days by using an art diary and focusing on monthly themes. The monthly themes are all art-related and allow to explore a different medium or idea for 30/31 days.

The desire to build an art habit is scary and daunting but not impossible! I’ve been one of those who couldn't even keep a 100 days project going, let alone 365 days. But through the commitment to focus on a different art theme every month I allowed myself to experiment, stay curious and engaged throughout the year. I found 30/31 days to be the right amount of time to explore a topic- it’s enough time to play, expand your knowledge, practice, learning and finding out what you like and what you dislike. It’s also the right amount of time to not get bored and lose interest in a single theme.

You could regard The Painted Diaries as a project that consists of 12 monthly challenges. These challenges will get you out of your comfort zone at times, other times it will be an easy walk. Does this sound like an adventure you want to take?
If the answer is yes and you are contemplating to join, then you already bring what is needed in the first place to embark this journey: your curiosity, interest, and desire to create. From there the things that may hold you back can vary: whether it’s because you can’t find the time, are too busy, feel too intimated or are unsure where to start: I’m here to guide you through 2020. Every month I will show up in your inbox, provide you with a different theme, encouraging words, support, and inspiration. At the end of the year we will have worked on 12 different themes and have a body of work we can draw from.
What you’ll receive if you register for 2020:
An art theme for each month of 2020. Themes will be revealed at the end of the month with enough space for preparations, the upcoming themes stay a surprise until revelation. This way you can fully dive in without the overthinking and overplanning part.
6 different artists who will provide a tutorial to a specific theme, the other six art themes come from me 
Themes will be more in-depth
Printable prompts and other bonuses
Emails every two weeks, filled with introductions to the themes, my knowledge about daily art-making, prompts, and check-ins
A dedicated community to encourage and support you, space for discussions, questions, and accountability
An Instagram account dedicated to The Painted Diaries in which I will share and expose your art to an audience
Monthly trackers for you to print out or use on social media for keeping track of your art-making

Join me if you want a year filled with creativity and art!
"Never before could I have imagined that I would stick with a daily art project for a whole year! Taking part in The Painted Diaries has not only helped me to keep to this goal but also to expand my art making skills and have a lot of fun in the process. It is so wonderful to be part of a community of fellow artists all working on the same themes. This has given me the energy and inspiration to keep going and has also added an element of accountability which is so helpful when attempting to stick to an art goal. I also love how adaptable the project has been. I can spend just a few minutes a day when things are busy or get really stuck into the page when I have more time. Having a different theme or material each month has really helped me to keep expanding my skills into unfamiliar territory. Even with materials I thought I knew, focusing on them for a month at a time has helped me to expand the ways in which I am using them. It’s been great not knowing what new themes are coming in future months. This has helped me totally dive into each month without distraction plus I love the element of surprise when the coming month’s theme is announced! In many ways, The Painted Diaries has become the backbone of my art practice. When this year is over, I can imagine wanting to dive into the adventure all over again!"
"The Painted Diaries has been a huge part of my art practice in 2019. I love the format of month-long themes, that have just enough guidance to help me focus, but not so much that I feel constricted. By the end of a month, I'm ready to experiment with something new, but at the same time, as I look back, I can see my style showing up no matter what we've been challenged to do. Being part of the community on Instagram has been important to me as well--all of the artists doing the project are incredibly supportive and I know I can always find something to spark an idea if I check out the hashtag on Instagram. I can see seeds that have been planted in my daily artwork showing up in the other art projects I've been working on and need to remember to page back through my books if I'm ever stuck for ideas. I can't wait to see what we're going to be making in 2020!"
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